When Will You Be……Wealthy?


image flowers  (1)I have been thinking about this week’s blog on wealth and money,  and all I can think about is my cough.  I have been sick for a week now, and watching my cough progress from dry, to scratchy, to rumbling and now a runny nose. My body is teaching me, as always, and in my dis-ease,  I have been pondering on how suddenly getting back to healthy takes prime space in my mind and energy.  Every time I cough, all I can think about is how can I get better, and how amazing it is to wake up healthy and vibrant.

This blog is not about health, its about wealth, and I am still talking about wealth.  The wealth of feeling good.  That is the reason underlying all the striving– right.

We are all seeking to feel good, to be happy.  At times we think the way is to have more, brighter, bigger, shinier things.  Now, I love beautiful homes, cars, resort homes and clothes, but as I have come to realize and understand they are just that– they are the add ons–  they are the cherries on the cake, which make the cake look nicer, but in reality the cake tastes amazing with or without the cherry.

My point is, you are already whole, you are already wealthy, and you are already with all you need to feel happy.  Whatever you have, you have everything you need.  Everything else is just an add on, something fun to play with, try out, enjoy.

In my years of working  as a financial advisor, and playing with numbers in the millions, and meeting the owners of this wealth, I have learned that we are all just one– we are all striving for one thing– we are all humans on a path to finding peace and joy in our hearts.

I have also learned, the joy is everywhere, it is within me, you, us.  Its the warmth of your tea in the morning, its the cool shower, in the soft bed, the nice hot soup, the flower, and its the laugh of a child.

Go through your day, looking and doing everything as if its your first time ever, and record how you feel. How was it finding hot water for a nice bath, having clean clothes, having a friend to talk to this morning, or a hug from your pet.  How was that crisp, delicious salad.  Did you see the ocean this morning, or the mountain, or the garden as you drove to work.

Just for today, please give each of those moments a value, and add that up on your excel sheet tonight.  This is how much you have, and guess what it does not go away, no matter how much you enjoy it, it just keeps giving you.  Close you eyes, see that beautiful smile of laughing baby, and listen to the birds, and feel the sun on your back.  You see you already have the joys you want, all in you.

Back to health, the minute your body complains, you realize the bliss you were in, you realize, if you could just jump out of bed and do what you want the way youdid yesterday, and it dawns on you, you really do have everything you need.  Your health is your wealth.  Take care of your body, its the only asset, that really matters,

to your health and wealth,


Money Hates This


images man hoarding money

One of my favorite topics is understanding money.  I mean really understanding what its all about.

Many of you know that i spent over thirty years of my life working with money, as a banker, stock market advisor, financial advisor, pretty much in all areas of finance.  I guess I know a few things about money, from my academic and practical experience.

Somehow, though. I knew there must be something more to money, as following the rules of investment and finance did not always work.

Of course, as the universe will always answer you, about 8 years ago, I started on a different path, learning about energy, and how vibrations and the quantum field work.   I learned that its not all in the books.  There is another side of money that most people have never been introduced to.

I have spent time learning a number of modalities of energy, learning about quantum field, and experimenting with the quantum field.  Boy did I learn what money is all about.  And I want people to learn that too, so that they can attract all the money they want.

That is why I am on a mission to clear the mystery around money.  In fact, I have a program called Quantum Wealth System teaching how to align with money and and empower you to attract the money you want.

Today I am giving you 3 VIP Tips so that you can align with money.  So money will want to spend more time with you.  So money will be attracted to you.  Yes, Yes, its all about vibrations and Yes the Law of Attraction works.

Money Hates This

  1. Talking badly about money.  Never Ever do that.  Be kind in your words about money.  People often refer badly to money, I have actually heard people call money sinful, or dirty, or cause of all troubles.
  2. Mistrust Money.  People often mistrust money.  They feel it will harm them, that too little of it is awful, and drudgery, and too much will bring problems, and they say things like:  “It goes out as soon as it comes in”, or “money comes and love walks out”.  You get the point.
  3. Hoard Money.  That drives money crazy and it usually gets harder and harder to save.  You know money is just energy, and it wants to flow. Its called currency, because it should flow like a current.  So hoarding and saving and not enjoying money just stops the flow, and makes it very hard to attract more.  I mean why would you need more, if you don’t have a use for it.  Money flows where its needed and used well.

There you have it, avoid these detrimental money relationship mistakes, and watch what develops.

….and let me know in your comments, how is that working for you.






The Secret Is Out…………..Gratitude, Gratitude and Gratitude


image beautiful sea and birdsSo you want more money.

Having more money, is easy once you know the laws of the universe, how it all works, and YOU DO IT.

You see, one of the main rules of having more money is having a high expectation of having the abundance you want, and having a high vibration.

The rule is you have to be vibrating at a similar level, of that which you want to attract.  And all those good things you want in life are vibrating at high levels.

Is it financial abundance you want?  Yes, you say, well you need to match that vibration.

And one of the best ways to have high vibration is being Grateful.  The more grateful you are, the more will flow in.  Its a Universal Law.

Gratitude is a very high vibration, and as you are focusing on what you are grateful for, your vibration shifts to match the vibration of gratefulness, and if you vibrate there, you can attract many good things into your life.

How to Raise Your Vibration with Gratitude

  1.  Choose a nice notebook
  2. Daily write out,–yes write because its more effective–5 things you are grateful for.
  3. KNOW that the more Gratitude you give the more you will situations and experiences you will receive that you will be grateful for.  Its a wonderful cycle.
  4. That’s ALL
  5. When you feel down read a few pages in your Gratitude Book
  6. Expect the Best  and be OPEN TO RECEIVE IT.

Watch for my post on being Open To Receive


Are You Pushing Away…….. Money


The way you think and talk about money affects your finances.

Yes, I know it does not make sense, but in reality, if you are always saying negative statements about money, and people who have money, then you are actually pushing money away.

image worried about money Are-You-Financially-Secure-To-Survive-A-Job-Loss

Our beliefs lead to our thoughts and our thoughts often lead to our statements, and all  of those determine our financial status.

If you feel stressed and angry, and often curse the bills and expenses, you are in reality treating money very badly.  Money is just an energy, every thing is.  Its neither bad or good.  Its what you make it to be.

The important thing is if you feel angry, and resentful because its never enough your body is in the energy state of anger and resentfulness, and those energy levels are low on the energy scale.

Guess what, if your energy is low on the energy scale, then you can not attract good things into your life.  You just can not.  The Law of Attraction kicks in and you get more situations that lead to you being angry and resentful.

Check in with yourself now, how do you feel when you think about money?  What emotion or emotions describes it.  Is it anger, sadness, frustration, worry, or…….

And, how does it feel in your body?  Did you feel stress, is there a tightness, a constriction, and where in your body.  Just note that.

If you are in anyway triggered………..then let us change that.

Of course, Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Techniques is the best tool yet to release those feelings, and raise your energy level  and have a clear path to more money flowing in.

Here is a Tapping Script for Releasing Negative Emotions, around money.

Fill  in the blanks with your emotion/emotions

KC:  Even though I feel …..sad/angry/frustrated…..when I think of money, I accept myself.          Even though I feel …………..every time I think of my bills, I accept where I am.    Even though I feel …………..when I look at my earnings, I am willing to change that feeling now, because the feeling is not doing me any good.

EB:  This sadness when I think of my money.

SE:  This sadness when I think of my bills

UE:  This sadness when I think of how I can not get ahead

UN:  This sadness when I work so hard, and still can not make ends meet.

CHIN:  This sadness, when I think of my money

CB:       This sadness

UA:     All this sadness

TH:  This Sadness

Now we tap about the feeling in the body. Describe where it is and what it is for you

EB: This tightness in my chest

SE:  This tightness in my chest

UE:  Feels like I can not breath

UN:  Feels like I can not get enough air

CH:  This tightness in my chest

CB:  This feeling in my body

UA:  This feeling in my body

TH:  This feeling in my body

EB:  This feeling in my body

Stop a minute, take a few deep breath, and sip of water, and check and see how you feel now about money.  It should be lighter.  If not do tap a few more rounds  describing your emotional and physical feeling.

When It feels lighter, we can tap some positive statements

KC:  Even though I still feel a bit of tightness in my body, I choose to release this feeling.

KC:  Even though I don’t really see how this can change, I choose to be open the possibilities

KC:  Even though I am not really sure how this financial situation will improve, I am open to the infinite possibilities

EB: What if I am open to the idea of thinking more positively about money

SE: What if it is true, that by changing the way I think and  feel about money, I can change  the inflow
UE: What if I have some power over my money flow

UN:  What if its a lot easier than I am making it
CH:  What if the law of attraction really works.
CB:  What if  attracting opportunities, and situations that lead to creation of more money is my decision
UA: What if I decide from today, I am going to think well of money
TH: What if I change my thoughts and words about money

EB:  I choose to change my thoughts and beliefs about money

SE:  I choose to change the way I talk about money.

UE: I choose to change my feelings about money

UN:  I choose to watch my thoughts, my words, and switch my beliefs

CB:  I choose to know that I have the ability to change my reality.

UA:  I choose to trust that ideas, and situations will manifest themselves

TH:  I choose to take actions towards having more money

Do this Tapping daily  for a 21 days, and see how your thoughts and feelings towards money change.

We are changing your money attracting vibration.

Let me know what develops.