The Blame Game


Are you blaming yourself?  Are you self criticizing?   Are you telling yourself you should have?  Do you always find yourself at fault?  Is your mind chatter negative?

If your are doing that, I have one thing to tell you……..STOP THAT. STOP THAT.  STOP STOP STOP.

You have got to find a way to stop that behavior.  You have got to find a tool that works for you.  This habit is dangerous, its destroying your peace of mind, its destroying your joy, and its affecting your abundance, more specifically its affecting your money and wealth.  Yes, I said that, this self blame is affecting your money.

Everything is a frequency and vibration.  When you have mind chatter that is so negative, your vibration is at a low frequency, and in that space you can not have the things you want.  The Law of Attraction tells us, you attract like frequencies, you attract where you are at.  And money and wealth, and happiness are all at high frequencies.  So if you really want those in your life, you have to STOP STOP STOP the negative thoughts.

I know its hard when you have been doing it for years.  You have gotten so use to blaming yourself, you don’t even know another way of living.  I know because I use to do that too.  Yes, me, and you thought I was always the way you know me now.  No, I was the Queen of self blame.  Everything somehow I interpreted to be my fault, and felt guilty.  I had to learn about Law of Attraction, about being positive, about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), so I could change those set patterns.

And wow, there is another way to live.  It feels so much better.  I used a lot of self discovery, and EFT to break the patterns.  It took some work, because it is actually a default, and in your mind its an embedded pattern. Science says it takes 30-40 days to break a pattern.   EFT makes it much faster.  Just start tapping daily till you too break that awful habit. Because, in reality you deserve it– you really do deserve peace of mind, happiness, and all the good things that come with a higher frequency.

As I always say, EFT is the best Mind-Body Technology available on this planet.  It is amazing at breaking patterns, and changing beliefs.  So I have created a tapping script to help you stop the self Blame

Stop Self Blame*

If you don’t know about EFT, please go to for details of how to Tap. You can also check out my videos on my YouTube channel.

KC:  Even though I have been blaming myself for years, I love and accept myself.

KC:  Even though I am always blaming myself, for everything, I totally and completely love and accept myself.

KC:  Even though I am so use to blaming myself, because that is how I was brought up, I accept myself.

Tapping through the points:

I was taught to blame myself,

My Mom/Dad/Teacher taught me to do that.

My family does that.

Its the right thing to do,

I am suppose to blame myself, for whatever goes wrong

yes, it must be my fault, I must have done something wrong, said the wrong thing, …

Its my fault,

I was taught that, I was told that, I believe that, its my fault, there is something wrong with me.

Take a deep breath, and some water too,

Tap a couple of rounds on this belief that its your fault, and you need to carry the blame.  When you feel this is not so true, or start to think “I am not always at fault”.   When you no longer strongly believe you are to blame, you can tap in some positive.

I wonder if its possible, that its not always my fault.

I wonder if its possible, that my Mom/Dad/teacher was wrong.

I wonder if its possible, that I am human and sometimes I make mistakes, and sometimes, others make mistakes.

I wonder if its possible for me to know that I am not always the one to blame.

I wonder if its possible for me to see how harmful this blaming myself has been.

I wonder if its possible for me to stop this continuous self blaming.

I choose to start to be more loving to myself

I choose to give myself a break

I choose to know that I am human and its ok to make mistakes

I choose to know that I am not wrong by default.

I choose to know I am safe in accepting what is.

I choose to know its safe to support myself, and not blame myself,

and I LOVE and ACCEPT Myself.

This Tapping will help break the self blame pattern, and of course, add in your own words, and as always let me know how it goes for you.

You Are Special,




  • Tapping at times brings up emotions, and old events.  By tapping, you take full responsibility for your health and wellness.  If you become emotional please continue to tap on all or any of the EFT points till you feel calm again.  It is also recommended that you work with a trained EFT practitioner to resolve the emotional baggage.

Goals—Goals—and Goals


image many goals

Did it happen to you again?  It’s mid February, and you have not really started on those goals you wrote up last December.  Yes, you have done a bit the first 2 weeks of January.  You started walking, or joined a gym, you left work on time, and you kept track of your spending.  But…….you got sidetracked, and now you are back to the same behavior as last year.

And you are upset with yourself.  The self blame has started, the criticism, the frustration and there is some sadness in there too.    I know, because goals did not work for me either.  In fact I stopped coming up with New Year’s Resolutions, many years ago.  I just did not.  I knew it was not going to happen, and so I stopped making up things I wished for, but did not really, really want to do.

I did however find a better way than resolutions and goals.  I just put what I really wanted to do– and I asked myself several times, is that really what I want, or does it sound like a should.  I mean, I should exercise, I should read more, cook more, play more, whatever that was.

Most of the time, it was just a should, and I had no want, or real intention to do it.  So I quit “shoulding” on myself and quit lying to myself saying I would.

I only cared about things I want, and in reality would do.  I started by just putting them in my awareness.  Maybe just saying I am reading 1 book a month, I am quitting work at 6 p.m. no matter what.  I am finishing that project this year.  And this has worked much better for me.  Things started happening, and more easily, and at times surprisingly.  What I did is let my subconscious mind help me get my goals done.  Because working just with my conscious mind was a real struggle, when there was so much resistance by my subconscious mind, saying NOOOOO, I don’t want to do that, its too hard, its too controlling, its too bossy, its reminding me of my Mom, whatever but it sure put up a fight.

Here is my process for getting where I want to go:

  1. Check in with me on my real desires. I actually take a few hours out, sit in peace, music, candles, nice drink, and just go inside and see what do I really, really, really want.
  2. I look at them, and just write them up on a piece of paper.
  3. I put that paper somewhere where I will see it daily, it does not matter that I really see and read it, because my subconscious sees it–good places are on the mirror you use to dress.
  4. I let go, and watch what happens
  5. Surprisingly, things happen, without super planning, I found myself reading and the book I wanted to publish got done, and other things just happened.

This process I call “Desires”  It has worked much better for me, and I am in the process of creating a workshop where I will teach this, in more depth.  It does not matter whether its February or March,you can start any time,  just do it, and

let your desires become a reality,

and to make sure, this works better for you, what about releasing the emotions and resistance.

As you know, I believe the best Mind-Body Technology on the planet today, is EFT.  EFT brings clarity, changes limiting beliefs, and releases resistance. I have created a Tapping Script for Release of the Guilt around Goals.

If you don’t know about EFT, please go to  for full explanation and diagram.

Release Goal Resistance

Just tap any of the points. Of course its better to tap all of the them.

KC:  Even though, I am frustrated, angry and sad, that already I have dropped my resolutions, I accept myself.

KC:  Even though I am really mad, because I just don’t do what I promise myself to do, I accept and love myself anyway.

KC:  Even though its driving me crazy that I am doing it again, I am not sticking to my goals, I love and accept myself anyway.

And tapping through the points

I am so mad,

I am angry,

I am frustrated,

why, can’t I stick with anything

I will never get anywhere this way,

I am tired of how I behave,

I am disappointed and angry at myself.

Everybody else sticks to their goals, but I am a ……Failure,……..

I just am a failure, like ………said.

Please add more of your own feelings and words, till all the negative stops flowing, and you feel calmer.

Note: this may bring up a lot of emotions, just keep tapping any or all the points, till you get to calm.  Also its good to jot down the images, thoughts, events that came up.  You will tap these later.

Check if you have a bit more compassion for yourself, what is coming up in your mind.  Check if you really really want those goals.  Listen in, why did not you do those goals, why were you so resistant?  What do those goals trigger in you?  Whatever resistance and trigger you have, tap on those too.

Maybe you never really wanted those goals.  Maybe they are just shoulds that you think you should do because everybody else does them.

Know you are unique, and you will only be at peace when you follow your own desires.

Now tap:

I wonder if its possible for me to choose desires I really want, and look forward to.

I wonder if its possible for me to just say No, to all the shoulds

I wonder if its ok to just be in the flow, and allow my inner wisdom to be my guide this year.

I really want to………fill in what you want and desire…….

It feels wonderful to think about doing/completing…….

I choose to do …….because I want to, because its my desire, no one is making me, and no one is bossing me, its my choice and I can change my mind any time.

I choose to do……..because it feels good for me, and makes me happy.

Do this tapping a few days, and see what clarity you get, on why you did not stick to your goals, and more importantly see and feel, and know your true Desires.

When you choose Desires, and not goals, they will get done, easily, smoothly and with joy.

As always, I love your comments, and to know how this has impacted on you.

to your health, wealth, and happiness



The Art of Receiving





Most of us want a lot of things, but in reality ARE YOU READY TO RECEIVE THEM??

Having more money, is a function of how much you can receive.  What do you feel you deserve to have.  How much do you allow your self to own. Its all about how much can I internally receive.

Ask yourself, what am I not willing to receive, whether its love, happiness, or monetary wealth.  And when you find your self imposed limits start tapping.  Rate that, how much do you believe you cannot have that, or you don’t deserve that, where O is its totally false, and 1O is that is very true.

If you are not familiar with tapping go to my where you will learn about tapping.


KC:  Even though I have trouble receiving, I have trouble feeling I deserve……. I totally and completely love and accept myself and where I am now.

KC:  Even though its hard for me to receive…………, and feel comfortable about it, I totally and completely love and accept myself, and where I am now.

KC:  Even though I don’t believe I can have……….I accept myself.

Tap the standard EFT points, or any points you like

I don’t deserve it

I don’t feel I can have it

I am not good enough to have that

Its hard for me to accept I can have that

I was told I don’t deserve that

I was told I will never have that….. because I am……..

and I believe it

I find it really hard to believe that I will have that in my life (whatever it is, love, money, health, happiness..

Keeping tapping the above, or similar words, voicing your not deserving, or you can not have it for what ever reasons you have, till you feel  This does not make sense, this is somebody else’s beliefs, this not so true,

Keep tapping on the negative till something has shifted in you, and you are ready to accept that you possibly could have …….

Let’s tap possibility

I wonder if its possible for me to allow myself to believe I could have …….

I wonder if its possible for me to allow myself to know I do deserve to have my desires

I wonder if its possible for me to know that I am worthy of having…….

I forgive myself, and anyone and anything that led me to believe I don’t deserve……..

I forgive myself, and anyone and anything that led me to believe I can’t have ………

I forgive myself, and anyone and anything that led me to believe I am not worthy of ……..

I open myself up to knowing that I do deserve ………

I choose to know that I am a beautiful human being, deserving of all the best,

I choose to know deeply and at all levels that I deserve to be…….or to have…….

I choose to deeply and completely love, appreciate and give myself my desires in life.

This tapping can be repeated daily till you get to a point where you firmly believe in all your cells, and all your organs, that I deserve to have that.

As always, let me know if you have any questions and how this tapping has changed your ability to receive,

Because you are beautiful, and Yes YOU do deserve.