Do You Really Have to………Struggle?


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Do you feel that in order to get your goals done, and feel good about it, you have to make it hard, you have to work many, many hours, you have to suffer,…., you have to really struggle?

Many of us have been brought up believing the only way to deserve success is to work for it, and thus we go on our lives, making sure we really work hard and long before we can have our goal, or to manifest our wishes.

But is that really true? I mean where did we read that? Where did we hear that? Why did this belief, become a fact?

Did you hear your parents talk about the successful businessman and in the conversation you heard, “it took him 25 years”, or “ he deserves it, he’s been at it for a long time”, or other statements like that.

Society has indoctrinated us with the idea that the only way to success, or reaching our goals is through a lot of hard work. Yes that may be true in some cases, and I am certainly for working and doing our best, but in reality it does not have to take long, or be hard.

How do I know that? Well, in most religions and philosophies, it is stated that if “God or Universe is willing, it is done. And in my life experiences, there are things that happened with ease, just happened with my wish.

So you might be thinking “but that does not happen, I see people struggling all the time”. I agree and that is because we have collectively bought into that JUNK BELIEF, the belief that it has to be hard. We have bought into it fully to the extent that many of us will actually sabotage success when it comes with ease.

Have you ever felt, “Every time I get close to success I do something to ruin it; this could be about your diet, or learning a new skill, or reaching the success you dream of in your career or business, or even making money.

If you believe in that JUNK Belief “it has to be hard”, and in your mind you have not worked hard enough yet to deserve it, then the mind will lead you to sabotage. Your subconscious mind will follow the program you have given it, it always does,– till its re-programmed, just like your computer.

Believe me, I know about this, with all the law of attraction knowledge, and manifestation can actually be as easy as an intention, or a firm affirmation, still my programming is so deeply wired to believe “it has to be hard, it has to be hard”. Even when I do manifest easily, my mind seems to ignore that, or think “Oh, only in that situation”. I know a few things about this exhausting belief, as it has run my life.  And of course the bigger the goal, the more it has to be hard!

The most important step of change is recognition of what is not working. Recognition that this is not a truth, once you know that, and you really want to change it, then….

The best tool I know of on the planet to break and change beliefs is Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT*.

Today I am sharing with you a Tapping Script to change the belief of having to struggle.

“It Has to Be Hard.”

First think about a goal you want to achieve. Say the statement “It going to be hard, or its going to take a long time” and see how true that feels for you. Rate the strength of this belief between 0-10, where 0, is not really, and 10, its absolutely true. Don’t worry about being perfect in this rating, trust the number that jumps out in your mind.

KC: Even though I was taught life is hard, I totally and completely accept myself.

Even though I was brought up with the beliefs that it has to be hard, and many hours of grinding, and perfecting, I totally and completely accept myself.

Even though I was believed that life is a place of struggle, and it’s the way it is, I love and accept myself.

EB:   It has to be hard,

SE: Its always been hard,

UE: Everyone says you have to work really hard,

UN: My parents had to really work hard,

Chin: And almost everyone I know, works really hard,

CB: It has to be hard, that is the way it is

UA: It just has to be hard,

TH: It’s the way it is,

EB: It has to be hard,

SE: I am not so sure,

UE: Because there are people who did not really have to work that hard,

UN: I mean they put effort of course, they did work, but not that hard,

Chin: A lot of the new inventions was not that hard, it was just working,

CB:   Just like the effort most people put out,

UA:   they only have 24 hours, just like me, and they did their best

TH:   I wonder if its possible that its not about working hard and long,

EB: Maybe its just about putting the effort in a targeted way, in a smart way

SE: Maybe its about working smartly, not working hard,

UE: Maybe its about working with a plan, an informed plan, and learning from others

UN: Maybe I can learn to work smart instead of working hard

Chin: Because quite frankly this working hard is not working for me, its tiring me out

CB: Maybe its about changing that belief, that it has to be hard,

UA: I am open to changing that belief, because its not really, really true,

TH: There are many people who achieve their goals without suffering, or struggling

EB: I am open to changing that belief

SE: I am open to releasing the struggle

UE: I am open to knowing that my goal can come with ease,

UN: I choose to reach my goals with ease,

Chin: I choose to put all the necessary effort and expect the results,

CB: I choose to believe I can do it with ease.

UA: And I love and accept myself,


You may need to repeat the tapping several days or weeks, as this program is ingrained in many people and has a strong hold on our thinking.
*If you are not familiar with EFT, and need to know the points please go to

Note: EFT; often called Tapping often brings up other emotions.  By doing this you take full responsibility for your health and wellness. If you feel more stressed, please continue to tap, and ask for help from a trained EFT person.