Do You Believe its Possible………………Happiness?


image book 2 10376145_429824930532271_5761042551738908251_nMy first book on Emotional Freedom Techniques–EFT, was titled “Your Comfort is in Your Hands”.  Its an Arabic title, and in a way it means your Happiness.

The book is doing well, and people who know me, or know about EFT usually pick up 3 or more copies to share with their friends.  Other than that I was surprised to find, that even when its available to read for free people were not interested.

I have a copy in my hairdressers salon, and I have asked him, why are they not reading it, or buying copies from him.  The answer to that question has gotten me thinking a lot.    His answer was

” they don’t believe”, they don’t believe its possible to be in comfort/happy.”

I also found that when I say ” I show people who are stressed, unhappy and unfulfilled how  to be happier” and that I call myself a Happiness Coach”, they blank out on me.  They don’t get it.

They don’t Believe it.

I wonder what happened for people to stop believing its possible to be happy.  I wonder what pains hurt them so much, that they gave up on the possibility of happiness? I wonder what messages did they receive from the media, from people around them, from their parents that its not possible to be happy.
Some people have decided that believing in happiness is naive, or living in la la land, or for meditation gurus, or maybe very select privileged people with no problems.

The truth is, everybody has issues in their lives, and you may be surprised to know that person who you think is trouble free, and has an easy life, actually has a lot to deal with, but still they are “comfortable”, at peace with themselves, or even happy.    They have chosen to believe in happiness.

Happy people don’t necessarily have the great mother, the money, the education, the looks, the…….you name it.  Its not what you are missing that is the reason for your not being happy.

I personally believe in angles, believe in miracles, and believe you can change your life.  I believe that if you are ill, to find all the tools, medical, emotional, psychological to find relief.  I believe if you have relationship problems, find a relationship expert, a coach, someone trained to help in relationships, and if you are not as successful as you want to be, learn the skills and tools used to be more successful.

I personally did that in my life, in exactly those 3 areas, where I have released a debilitating disease from my body, and now live pain free, I worked on a rocky marriage, and I changed my life, after 5O years to following my passion, and creating the life I want.

What will you choose today?

Will you choose that not so comfortable/often painful Comfort Zone?

Will you choose Possibility?

Will you choose happiness?

Its for you to decide, and its your life, you and only you are responsible for your happiness.

If you find it difficult to believe in the possibility of happiness here is a tapping script.*

I Don’t Believe Its Possible for me to be Happy

KC:  Even though I don’t believe in happiness, I totally and completely love and accept my self.

KC:  Even though I don’t believe in happiness, that is a myth, I love and accept myself.

KC:  Even though I really don’t believe in happiness is possible, I love and accept myself.

Tapping through the points

i dont believe,

its not possible,

its just words,

i cant be happy with my life, my parents, my money, my education, my looks, my…………

its not possible when you have my life, live in this country, have that president,……..(fill in …….

its not for me to be happy, i have so many issues, and problems,– just keep tapping and listing your issues and reasons for not finding happiness.

its not possible, that is fairy tale talk

people who are happy are just lucky, they got the right cards, life is good to them,

there are those who are lucky, and there are those who aren’t, and i am one of the unlucky.

I wonder if its possible for me to find something that i am lucky with,

i wonder if its possible to find something to be happy about, maybe my looks, my health, my home, my children, my friend, my job, my income, my dog, something that makes me happy,

i wonder if i can be happy a few minutes for the good things i have in life,

i wonder if i can find more things that make me happy, like that garden i pass by daily, or song i love to hear, or…..

i wonder if i can be happy for an hour a day, because i have something that make me happy,

i wonder if its possible that the more i look the more i find things to be happy,

i choose to see all the good things in my life,  I choose to see how lucky I am.

I choose to see its possible to be happy even with all those stories I have,

I choose to be happy anyway, no matter what is happening in my life,

I choose to be happy, but its much better than being unhappy,

I choose to feel good, and find what is good about my life every day, every hours, every minute.

I choose Happiness.




*EFT, tapping often brings up other emotions.  By doing this you take full responsibility for your health and wellness. If you feel more stressed, please continue to tap, and ask for help from a trained EFT person.

If you are not familiar with tapping, please go to


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