When Will You Be……Wealthy?


image flowers  (1)I have been thinking about this week’s blog on wealth and money,  and all I can think about is my cough.  I have been sick for a week now, and watching my cough progress from dry, to scratchy, to rumbling and now a runny nose. My body is teaching me, as always, and in my dis-ease,  I have been pondering on how suddenly getting back to healthy takes prime space in my mind and energy.  Every time I cough, all I can think about is how can I get better, and how amazing it is to wake up healthy and vibrant.

This blog is not about health, its about wealth, and I am still talking about wealth.  The wealth of feeling good.  That is the reason underlying all the striving– right.

We are all seeking to feel good, to be happy.  At times we think the way is to have more, brighter, bigger, shinier things.  Now, I love beautiful homes, cars, resort homes and clothes, but as I have come to realize and understand they are just that– they are the add ons–  they are the cherries on the cake, which make the cake look nicer, but in reality the cake tastes amazing with or without the cherry.

My point is, you are already whole, you are already wealthy, and you are already with all you need to feel happy.  Whatever you have, you have everything you need.  Everything else is just an add on, something fun to play with, try out, enjoy.

In my years of working  as a financial advisor, and playing with numbers in the millions, and meeting the owners of this wealth, I have learned that we are all just one– we are all striving for one thing– we are all humans on a path to finding peace and joy in our hearts.

I have also learned, the joy is everywhere, it is within me, you, us.  Its the warmth of your tea in the morning, its the cool shower, in the soft bed, the nice hot soup, the flower, and its the laugh of a child.

Go through your day, looking and doing everything as if its your first time ever, and record how you feel. How was it finding hot water for a nice bath, having clean clothes, having a friend to talk to this morning, or a hug from your pet.  How was that crisp, delicious salad.  Did you see the ocean this morning, or the mountain, or the garden as you drove to work.

Just for today, please give each of those moments a value, and add that up on your excel sheet tonight.  This is how much you have, and guess what it does not go away, no matter how much you enjoy it, it just keeps giving you.  Close you eyes, see that beautiful smile of laughing baby, and listen to the birds, and feel the sun on your back.  You see you already have the joys you want, all in you.

Back to health, the minute your body complains, you realize the bliss you were in, you realize, if you could just jump out of bed and do what you want the way youdid yesterday, and it dawns on you, you really do have everything you need.  Your health is your wealth.  Take care of your body, its the only asset, that really matters,

to your health and wealth,