Change Your Words–Change Your Wealth


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What you say matters.  Especially if you start your statements with I.  “I” or “I am” statements are very powerful affirmations.  Be super meticulous with your words.    When you find yourself about to say something negative about yourself, or money, STOP, and restate that.

In this post I will guide you to change your statements, so that you can attract money and I am sharing a powerful tapping script that will shift your nervous system reactions when you think of money.

First lets change those statements:

” I need to save for that”.    switch that to     ” I will create the money for that.”

“I never have enough money     switch that to    ” I have enough money for all my needs.”

“I don’t know how to manage money”              ” I manage money well”

” I am always in debt”            “I have a safety net of savings.”

” I hate money”    OHHH!!      ” I LOVE Money.”

“Money never comes to me.”       “money flows to me easily.”

“Money is hard to make”          “I create ways to make money easily”

and if you are having trouble with liking money, here is a tapping script to help.

And a Tapping Script to shift your mindset

I Don’t Like Money*

KC:  I don’t like money

I don’t like money

I don’t like money,

its a lot of trouble,

its hard to earn

its never enough

it stresses me out

i don’t ever have enough

and i don’t know how to manage it

and i don’t know how to make more of it

i don’t understand it

and i don’t like it,

all i have gotten out of it is trouble, its made my life miserable

i don’t like money,

i feel it does not like me either,

never comes to me

and when it comes it flows out,

i am not friends with it.

i don’t like money.

Add any other feelings you have around money while tapping around the points.

I wonder if its possible for me to understand how money works.

i wonder if its possible that money is not that bad

i wonder if it possible for me to ever like money

i wonder if its possible that i can like money

i wonder if its possible that i can make friends with money

i wonder if its possible for me to learn how to manage money better

i wonder if its possible for me to earn more money

I choose to speak well of money

I choose to treat money with respect

I choose to treat money with appreciation

I choose to thank money for being there for me.

I choose to feel good about whatever money I earn.

I choose to give gratitude to money, smile and say thank you.

I choose to be happy now with what I have.

This tapping is powerful, you may need to repeat it several days, or longer, depending on how much you have been judging money, and your emotional reaction when you think of money.

Once you get a new mindset around money, and treat money with more respect, watch what happens to your earnings and spending.

If you have any questions let me know, and I look forward to learning from you experience.



*EFT, tapping often brings up other emotions.  By doing this you take full responsibility for your health and wellness. If you feel more stressed, please continue to tap, and ask for help from a trained EFT person.

If you are not familiar with tapping, please go to



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  1. 894945 174263Hey, you used to write great, but the last couple of posts have been kinda boringK I miss your excellent writings. Past couple of posts are just a bit out of track! come on! 327469

  2. I love this tapping script as it does describe how negative I can feel with not enough money and how I love when money does show up. I’m going to do a 7-day challenge to transform how I relate to money. Thank you Myrette!

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