Is it Fear of Failure or……….Fear of Success


images fear of success writingYou done all they told you to do. Got the degree from a well respected university, did more and got your masters or MBA. You have been working really hard for years, and you still don’t feel you are getting what you deserve. You tell yourself, learn more, train more, work harder, longer and maybe they will promote you, or your work will be seen more.

If that has been your story, maybe you don’t need to do any more. I mean no more external solutions, because you know in your heart you have done your best, and with what you have you should be there by now. And when you talk to your friends and read articles you recognize you don’t have any problem with fear of failure, because in reality you have not failed, and you have the skills, and you know you are GOOD at what you do.

What is going on?! Why do you keep running and not getting where you want to go? why is it so hard? Do you feel like you keep striving and not arriving?

Let me ask you this, “what would happen if you did reach your goal? I mean what would happen if you reached your success marker?”
I know, you’d be excited, have more money, more power, more influence, the body you have dreamt of, and be more happy?
Are you sure you would be more happy?

Now please reflect on this question: ” what is the downside of getting to my goal?
Yes, take a deep breath. What will happen that you don’t like or are afraid will happen when you reach your goal?

The answer to that question is the key to your success. Those fears are your fear of actually succeeding at what you say you are working towards.
What is really happening is that you are working hard to “get there”, but that is the external actions. Internally, you are putting the brakes, and saying ” Oh, No. I am not going there.”
and you know what, that internal message has more power than all the work you do externally. In fact its pretty strong. Its the Foot on the brake, and no matter what you do to move forward, its really hard to get there, its super slow if you do move, and its frustrating and tiring.

FEAR OF SUCCESS is a real big stopper, and once you understand it, then you can release that fear and get the inner part of you helping and supporting your external, physical efforts. Once you have all the bits in congruency, its easy to reach your goals, and your efforts are highly rewarded.

From my work I have found Fear of Success is so prevalent, that I have decided to hold in-person group sessions during April, on Releasing Fear of Success, so that we can all remove the brakes.

I will also be doing on-line “Release The Brakes on Your Success” in English and will be announcing that soon.

Now lets use EFT*, the number one tool on the planet to delete that fear.

Release Fear of Success

KC: Even though I have this fear of success I totally and completely love and accept myself.
KC: Even though I have this fear of getting what I say I want, I totally and completely love and accept myself.
KC: even though I have this fear of reaching my goal, I totally and completely love and accept myself.
Tapping on the points:

I am really afraid that if I reach my goal I will have sacrificed a lot,
I am really afraid that to reach my goal means that I have to……………….
I am afraid that to reach my goal, I will lose………………..
This fear of success
This fear of actually reaching my goal
I now see it, I am afraid, and I am making it really hard on myself.
I am making it very hard on myself, like driving with the brakes on
My goal looks great, and I work so–so hard to get there, but I have this fear inside me
This fear that………………… This fear,
This fear, this awful fear, this fear that makes me feel …………… in my body, this fear,
This fear, this belief that this is what will happen if I get to my goal, if I succeed,
This fear, this fear, this belief, this scary feeling, this fear,
Its stopping me, its making my goal so hard to reach, this fear.

Continue tapping on the fear till it reaches 5 or less. You can now tap in positive statements.
I wonder if its possible to know its ok if I reach my goal,
I wonder if its possible that what I am afraid of if not worth me stopping myself.
I wonder if its possible that this fear is not really what is going to happen
I wonder if its possible that I have stopped myself because of a misunderstanding in my mind.

I choose to go for my goal, and feel safe. I choose to fully go for my goal
Repeat the above as needed, may take a few days of regular tapping.

*EFT, tapping often brings up other emotions. By doing this you take full responsibility for your health and wellness. If you feel more stressed, please continue to tap, and ask for help from a trained EFT person.

If you are not familiar with tapping, please go to



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