What Does Love have to do with …….Money?


image money and love downloadMoney has often been used as a replacement for love.  You probably know that, but did you know the longing for love will show up in your money situation.

Many people did not receive enough love in their childhood, and gifts and toys and vacations were used to replace the much needed love.  Many of those people will continue to look for love, in the way they know of, in the form of financial support.

For women, it shows up in women who need material goods to feel loved. Women who define being loved with how much their partner gives them.

In men it shows up, with men who are looking for love in the form of money.  These men will find a way to be in a position where they rely on their female partners to be the provider, in reality they often create that because of a need to feel loved, or a need to see love the way they are use to seeing it.   Their inner programming says, “to prove she loves me, she needs to provide financial support for me”.

Often, love deprived males will look for partners that replace the mother figure in their lives, and part of that role has to be of being the financial security,  the provider.

What if Money was used for love in your childhood

What if that is your relationship with love and money, can you change it?  Of course you can.  It all starts with awareness.  Once you are aware of what is going on, you can start the healing, the change of this programming.

Today’s mind technology tools, make it much easier to release beliefs, and change patterns that have been ingrained into our nervous system for years.

You can journal about the feelings, and what financial support means to you, and you can also use Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT to break the emotional connections SO THAT, you can bring money back to its original and real meaning– which is a means of trade.  Nothing more.

The best tool for changing limiting beliefs is Emotional Freedom Techniques*, EFT, and to help you change this money limiting belief, here is a tapping scrip to help you release this money belief.  You may need to repeat for a few days or weeks, but its worth it, to release money from the role of being a provider of love and start a healthy relationship with money.


                                          Money is Not Love

Even though I have this hardwiring that the more money someone gives me or spends on me, or financially supports me, means they love me, I totally and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I have been taught to see money as love, and I am always seeking to find love in money, I totally and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I have this belief that money means love, and more money means more love, I love and accept myself.

And tapping around the points:

I was brought up that way,

my parents gave me things instead of time,

my parents gave me toys and games instead of love

my parents said they work hard to get me stuff, but had no time for me,

I was brought up to feel good with the toys, the games, the clothes, the vacations

I was told i am suppose to feel good, and loved that way,

I was told to feel happy with all that stuff, even if they had no time for me,

I learned that money buys love,

I learned to see money as the provider of things that I should see as love.

I learned its better to have all that stuff than have hugs and kisses,

I learned that the way to show love is through what money can buy,

I actually thought that is how it really is, that is the way it works, and I learned to substitute my need for love with things, to accept toys and games, and clothes as the way to know I am lovable,

I use money to show love to others too, to my partner, to my kids, because that is what I know,

and I still do that, I look money for validations, I look for money to make sure I am loved, I look for material things from my partner to know how much they love me.

KC: Even though I was so sure that  money means love, I am open to the idea of that may not be so true

KC:  Even though I had years of believing more money means more love, I am open to the idea that I was misguided, misinformed, taught wrong,

KC:  Even though I had for years thought its money that proves I am lovable, or its money that shows others I love them, I am open to changing this limiting belief now.

on the points

I choose to clear this belief, because I now know its NOT TRUE

I choose to clear the belief that money is love, because its not helping me be happy.

I choose to now delete this belief that is not serving me, and is not true, and has actually hurt me and has burdened my money.

This belief,

this false belief

its all wrong

and I don’t like it

in fact I am changing that belief now,

I am tapping this away daily, I am clearing this limiting belief, I am releasing this belief,

this belief, I am releasing it because I now see clearly what is going on– its my child mind thinking money is love, and I am now a grown up and I know better,

I choose to release this belief and release money from the burden of being something it is not.

I am thankful I have found this belief, and I now release it.

This tapping may bring up  a lot of emotions.  Just keep tapping, take it easy, and get support from a trained EFT practitioner if needed.

with love,


*If you are not familiar with tapping, and need to know the points please go to www.ttapt.com

Note: EFT, often called Tapping often brings up other emotions.  By doing this you take full responsibility for your health and wellness. If you feel more stressed, please continue to tap, and ask for help from a trained EFT person.


Money Hates This


images man hoarding money

One of my favorite topics is understanding money.  I mean really understanding what its all about.

Many of you know that i spent over thirty years of my life working with money, as a banker, stock market advisor, financial advisor, pretty much in all areas of finance.  I guess I know a few things about money, from my academic and practical experience.

Somehow, though. I knew there must be something more to money, as following the rules of investment and finance did not always work.

Of course, as the universe will always answer you, about 8 years ago, I started on a different path, learning about energy, and how vibrations and the quantum field work.   I learned that its not all in the books.  There is another side of money that most people have never been introduced to.

I have spent time learning a number of modalities of energy, learning about quantum field, and experimenting with the quantum field.  Boy did I learn what money is all about.  And I want people to learn that too, so that they can attract all the money they want.

That is why I am on a mission to clear the mystery around money.  In fact, I have a program called Quantum Wealth System teaching how to align with money and and empower you to attract the money you want.

Today I am giving you 3 VIP Tips so that you can align with money.  So money will want to spend more time with you.  So money will be attracted to you.  Yes, Yes, its all about vibrations and Yes the Law of Attraction works.

Money Hates This

  1. Talking badly about money.  Never Ever do that.  Be kind in your words about money.  People often refer badly to money, I have actually heard people call money sinful, or dirty, or cause of all troubles.
  2. Mistrust Money.  People often mistrust money.  They feel it will harm them, that too little of it is awful, and drudgery, and too much will bring problems, and they say things like:  “It goes out as soon as it comes in”, or “money comes and love walks out”.  You get the point.
  3. Hoard Money.  That drives money crazy and it usually gets harder and harder to save.  You know money is just energy, and it wants to flow. Its called currency, because it should flow like a current.  So hoarding and saving and not enjoying money just stops the flow, and makes it very hard to attract more.  I mean why would you need more, if you don’t have a use for it.  Money flows where its needed and used well.

There you have it, avoid these detrimental money relationship mistakes, and watch what develops.

….and let me know in your comments, how is that working for you.






The Secret Is Out…………..Gratitude, Gratitude and Gratitude


image beautiful sea and birdsSo you want more money.

Having more money, is easy once you know the laws of the universe, how it all works, and YOU DO IT.

You see, one of the main rules of having more money is having a high expectation of having the abundance you want, and having a high vibration.

The rule is you have to be vibrating at a similar level, of that which you want to attract.  And all those good things you want in life are vibrating at high levels.

Is it financial abundance you want?  Yes, you say, well you need to match that vibration.

And one of the best ways to have high vibration is being Grateful.  The more grateful you are, the more will flow in.  Its a Universal Law.

Gratitude is a very high vibration, and as you are focusing on what you are grateful for, your vibration shifts to match the vibration of gratefulness, and if you vibrate there, you can attract many good things into your life.

How to Raise Your Vibration with Gratitude

  1.  Choose a nice notebook
  2. Daily write out,–yes write because its more effective–5 things you are grateful for.
  3. KNOW that the more Gratitude you give the more you will situations and experiences you will receive that you will be grateful for.  Its a wonderful cycle.
  4. That’s ALL
  5. When you feel down read a few pages in your Gratitude Book
  6. Expect the Best  and be OPEN TO RECEIVE IT.

Watch for my post on being Open To Receive