The Secret Is Out…………..Gratitude, Gratitude and Gratitude


image beautiful sea and birdsSo you want more money.

Having more money, is easy once you know the laws of the universe, how it all works, and YOU DO IT.

You see, one of the main rules of having more money is having a high expectation of having the abundance you want, and having a high vibration.

The rule is you have to be vibrating at a similar level, of that which you want to attract.  And all those good things you want in life are vibrating at high levels.

Is it financial abundance you want?  Yes, you say, well you need to match that vibration.

And one of the best ways to have high vibration is being Grateful.  The more grateful you are, the more will flow in.  Its a Universal Law.

Gratitude is a very high vibration, and as you are focusing on what you are grateful for, your vibration shifts to match the vibration of gratefulness, and if you vibrate there, you can attract many good things into your life.

How to Raise Your Vibration with Gratitude

  1.  Choose a nice notebook
  2. Daily write out,–yes write because its more effective–5 things you are grateful for.
  3. KNOW that the more Gratitude you give the more you will situations and experiences you will receive that you will be grateful for.  Its a wonderful cycle.
  4. That’s ALL
  5. When you feel down read a few pages in your Gratitude Book
  6. Expect the Best  and be OPEN TO RECEIVE IT.

Watch for my post on being Open To Receive